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KontactIntelligence Inc.



Are you interested in beginning a journey (one you may not return from unscathed) full of innovation, adventure, fun, and excitement…with some intermittent intense strategic discussion? Does advanced artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and adaptive supercomputing get your juices flowing? Do you want to put your pin on the map of history? Are you interested in improving lives, giving heroes their power back, and REALLY making a difference? If this sounds like a mission you choose to accept, come join us at VetCV where your input will directly impact the success of the company and the lives of many. This is your opportunity to do irreplaceable work on a unique problem alongside other super heroes. Come be phenomenal and let the VetCV story unveil to be part of your legacy.

VetCV is looking for a Web Designer/Developer to help design, coordinate, and support our innovative web applications. We build advanced software and web applications focused on healthcare recruitment support. These include public facing websites, client, agent, and administrative management portals. We embrace the newest technologies, and software paradigms, and place an extreme emphasis on design and SEO. This position will be designing for a wide range of web initiatives - hands-on in development of web sites, pages, images, and web assets to enhance communication with customers, prospects and channel partners. This effort leads to the building of innovative technology, not only in our industry, but in the overall software industry.

Candidates must have experience in user interface / user experience design and web application support as well as search engine optimization. This will include business analysis and requirements gathering and documentation from all business stakeholders and internal/external clients, Wireframing, prototyping, and coordination of project development using agile methodology between Graphic Designers, HTML/CSS Layout developers, and Software Engineering team to deliver product to spec and on time. An amazing level of attention to detail is a must. 



  • Serve as a primary designer for digital media properties
  • Conceptual Ideation & Art Direction
  • Analyze user experience problems and create design solutions that meet business goals
  • Analyze application and business domain data requirements and business rules, understanding the data flow from source to screen.
  • Create user-centered designs by considering market analysis, customer feedback, and usability findings
  • Recognize and predict use cases and user interaction, and design intuitive applications to support them.
  • Information Architecture and Wireframing
  • Build Interactive Prototypes for the web applications
  • Assume overall User Interface design of Web applications, incorporating usability, comprehensive work flows, applying standards, using various tools to create graphical interfaces for web based; rich client; and thick client applications.
  • Work directly with business stakeholders, clients, designers, developers, and engineers to coordinate the building of applications to spec and on time.
  • Stay abreast of web design rends, as well as corporate and industry standards looking for creative ideas
  • Experience in graphic design, focused on web application, UI design and rich media
  • Experience with industry-standard development tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign etc.) 
  • Experience with:
    • HTML
    • Javascript
    • CSS programming
    • Boot Strap
    • PHP
    • Ruby on rails
    • C#
    • MVC
  • Skills

    • ASP.Net experience preferred
    • Ability to produce static and rich media web interfaces, banners, supporting web graphics, html emails, landing pages
    • Capable of accepting creative direction and working in a team environment
    • Ability to produce static and rich media web interfaces, banners, supporting web graphics, html emails, landing pages
    • Experience with technology, infrastructure, security, web applications a plus
      • Experience with SEO/SEM implementation and best practices
      • Enhance existing Web applications and all internal systems
      • Experience with hardware and software issues
      • Proficient in Internet related applications such as E-Mail clients, FTP clients and Web Browsers



    • Able to take feedback constructively and iterate on designs and ideas from multiple stakeholders with differing opinions
    • Understanding and experience in user-centered design process
    • Creative thinker who can effectively innovate big ideas and also work out all the details
    • Wireframe and prototyping experience
    • Excellent interaction design skills
    • Ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders; i.e. technical developers, business leaders, and users.
    • Portfolio showing your skills is required




    Required Education and/or Experience:

    • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, marketing, computer science, or other related fields
    • 3+ years of Web Design/Development, graphic, and visual design in a corporate or agency context


    Mobility:  frequent use of keyboard; frequent sitting for long period of time; occasional bending or squatting. 

    Vision:  constant use of overall vision; frequent reading and close-up work; occasional color and depth vision. 

    Dexterity:  frequent repetitive motion; frequent writing; frequent grasping, holding and reaching.

    Hearing/Talking: frequent hearing and talking, in person and on the telephone. 

    Emotional/Psychological:  frequent decision-making and concentration; frequent public and/or co-worker contact; occasionally works alone.

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