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VetCV, Inc.



Are you interested in beginning a journey (one you may not return from unscathed) full of innovation, adventure, fun, and excitement…with some intermittent intense strategic discussion? Does advanced artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and adaptive supercomputing get your juices flowing? Do you want to put your pin on the map of history? Are you interested in improving lives, giving heroes their power back, and REALLY making a difference? If this sounds like a mission you choose to accept, come join us at VetCV where your input will directly impact the success of the company and the lives of many. This is your opportunity to do irreplaceable work on a unique problem alongside other super heroes. Come be phenomenal and let the VetCV story unveil to be part of your legacy.

The Software Developer is responsible for the design, development and implementation software packages with a web interface. Troubleshoots debugs and implements software code to meet user and business needs.  Works under general supervision; reports to the Project Manager or Director of Software Engineering, as applicable. 


Solution Development and Delivery

  • Assists in the design, coding, and testing of technical solutions
  • Understands standard systems development lifecycle processes and applies our methodology effectively on client engagements
  • Applies knowledge of industry trends and developments to improve service to our clients
  • Accurately prepares written business correspondence that is coherent, grammatically correct, effective and professional
  • Possesses demonstrated work experience with at least one relational database management system.

Project Execution

  • Understands project and development plans and is able to clearly articulate roles, project goals, and timelines
  • Adheres to coding standards defined by technical management
  • Accurately employs our development tools
  • Establishes responsible deadlines and personal work plans
  • Accurately prepares written business correspondence that is coherent, grammatically correct, effective and professional

Relational Databases

  • Demonstrates knowledge of advanced relational database concepts
  • Demonstrates proficiency with physical and logical database design

Programming Languages

  • Possesses working knowledge of at least one structured programming language (ex: C#, MVC 1-4, Java, Python)
  • Exhibits proficiency in Front End (UI) HTML and scripting language
  • Working knowledge of standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field (i.e. VBScript, SQL, HTML, and JavaScript).


  • Understands client server and Internet systems architectures
  • Demonstrates familiarity with object and component methodology and technology

Client Management

  • Values clients and responds to their needs as they arise
  • Establishes effective working relationship with clients
  • Follows established communication guidelines
  • Uses good judgment in what and how to communicate with clients


  • Provide input on the development of the security designs for the information system architecture.
  • Assist with relevant security requirements.
  • Assist as appropriate with the system security architectures, standard operating procedures, protocols, and cybersecurity documentation.
  • Understand, apply, and adhere to Software Security requirements.

Company Description

VetCV provides a secure vault (Web App) where our Nation’s heroes can regain control of life events. This solution will provide the ability for Veterans to track and rate their interactions with the VA and other providers. The aggregate data collected from these interactions will provide the Veterans a collective voice backed up by empirical evidence.

VetCV provides Veterans and caregivers the ability to update, access, and share their vital information from anywhere at any time. It is the personal account for all the most important things for the next steps in life: career, education, medical support, reintegration, and employment. 



Knowledge and Skills

  • Ability to writes effective stored procedures
  • Accurately prepares written business correspondence that is coherent, grammatically correct, effective and professional


  • Listens to others and accepts input from team members.
  • Clearly articulate ideas and thoughts verbally


  • Displays a positive attitude
  • Demonstrates flexibility in day-to-day work
  • Sets high standards of performance for oneself
  • Assumes additional responsibility without being asked


  • Establishes harmonious working relationships with team members
  • Appreciates each team member's contributions and values each individual member

Professional Development

  • Understands the professional development process and becomes actively involved by setting challenging goals and meeting them through continuous learning
  • Seeks input from mentors and supervisors
  • Actively applies feedback received to day-to-day work and strives to improve performance

Internal Operations

  • Accurately completes and submits time and expense reports in a timely manner (if applicable).
  • Accurately completes and submits status reports in a timely manner when asked to do so.
  • Complies with all of our policies and procedures.




Required Education and/or Experience:

  • Requires a bachelor's degree from an accredited college in a related area and at least 3 year of experience in the field or in a related area.


Mobility:  frequent use of keyboard; frequent sitting for long period of time; occasional bending or squatting. 

Vision:  constant use of overall vision; frequent reading and close-up work; occasional color and depth vision. 

Dexterity:  frequent repetitive motion; frequent writing; frequent grasping, holding and reaching.

Hearing/Talking: frequent hearing and talking, in person and on the telephone. 

Emotional/Psychological:  frequent decision-making and concentration; frequent public and/or co-worker contact; occasionally works alone.

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