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President of Commercialization

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Cobalt Intelligence


Cobalt Intelligence is a technology transfer entity partnered with one of the leading intellectual property development institutions in America. The CEO will oversee all aspects of the company and manage the operations in a manner that maximizes the income potential of the intellectual property developed by Cobalt’s partners. This position will require a high level of entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility and creativity to manage a fast-paced environment where the scope of intellectual property opportunities will include, but not be limited to, robotics, artificial intelligence, maritime technologies and much more.. The CEO will be responsible for (a) identifying potential commercialization endpoints for all intellectual property (b) evaluating commercial markets – strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats – for those endpoints (c) developing commercialization pathway and economic analysis attendant to the same and (d) determining most efficient structure for monetizing the end product.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide feedback to Board members on the commercial potential of all disclosed Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Independently manage and facilitate the identification of IP among Cobalt’s partners.
  • Provide mentorship and leadership by example to all other professionals on the Team
  • Provide economic analysis of IP, including SWOT, within domestic and foreign markets
  • Handle the critical-path flow of IP under further development through research agreements between Cobalt and its partners.
  • Efficiently manage income and expenses of the Company
  • Oversee hiring of support staff and consultants to achieve Cobalt’s goals.
  • Participate in capital structuring and fundraising efforts
  • Oversee day-to-day operations of the Company
  • Independently assess invention disclosures from scientists and staff for potential pathways to commercialization
  • Manage capital to ensure Company funds are well spent
  • Provide timely and concise reporting to the Board regarding all IP development.
  • Provide detailed tracking of every technology-related expense and revenue
  • Respond to every email, call and inquiry - to the extent possible - within 24 hours
  • Provide/manage economic analyses on each technology that may be deemed as commerciallyviable Skills & Abilities:
  • Proven ability to quickly close complex licensing deals
  • Willingness to take direction from leadership
  • Willingness to take team approach to commercialization
  • Operate transparently to all other team members
  • Understand the “speed of business” is different than the speed of academia and commit to working at the speed of business
  • Vision to see commercialization avenues that may not be obviously related to the IP
  • Must be driven by business needs, both external and internal
  • Must be extremely entrepreneurial in spirit and in practice
  • Possess strong understanding of financial operations within a complex business setting
  • Provide evidence of an excellent knowledge of the business of the commercialization of Intellectual Property
  • Possess current knowledge of the “market”
  • Demonstrated density in connections within the field of robotics, artificial intelligence, or other related IP fields
  • Demonstrated capability in product development, from IP disclosure to final commercialization


Required education:

  • Master's

Required experience:

  • IP Commercialization: 5 years

Required language:

  • English

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